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Spanish Names The Spanish usually have one Christian name nombre and two surnames apellidos. In many cases, the Christian name is double-barrelled, such as María José or the popular Juan Carlos. Unlike many countries, the Spanish possess two surnames. This is because when a girl marries, she does not give up her surname but keeps it and just adds it to that of her husband. The two surnames are then passed on to the children. In the past, they were more important than birthdays and babies names in Spanish often reflected this fact.

Spanish Names

It is home to many communities of ex-pats and a very popular area for holiday-makers from across the ball that come to enjoy some of the year-round sunshine and soft covered in dust beaches. Different Transport Options to Benidorm Alicante Airport is just a abrupt distance away from the popular locality of Benidorm. A place where millions of people take their annual anniversary, visit for a long weekend along with their friends or even come en route for celebrate parties and special occasions. It is renowned for being a hive of activity and is home en route for some outstanding waterparks, theme parks, nightclubs, bars, and entertainment. There are a load of options to get from Alicante airport to Benidorm. The most accepted being by Bus, Taxi or as a result of Private transfer. For lots of ancestor who visit Alicante and do not speak the local language or appreciate their way around too well; around is always an element apprehension along with using local public transport.

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